MUCC Applauds Governor Snyder for Signing Wolf Bill

Happy New Year! It was for us when we learned over the holidays that Governor Snyder signed SB 1350 to grant the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) the authority to establish a wolf hunting season in Michigan.
Governor Snyder signed the bill on Friday, December 28, 2012. It establishes wolves as a game animal, but does not automatically create a hunting season for them. Rather, it allows the NRC to create one under its mandate from 1996’s Proposal G to use sound science in wildlife management decisions.
The bill also creates an independent Wolf Management Council composed of representatives from conservation, hunting and fishing, tribal, agricultural and animal rights groups. The council will meet at least once a year to submit recommendations to the NRC for wolf management.
Under the bill, a four dollar application fee could be required, with license fees set at $100 for residents and $500 for non-residents. Poaching wolves will be a misdemeanor with fines set between $200 and $1,000, and a minimum jail sentence of five days.
There will also be concurrent consultations between the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and tribal governments if a wolf season is proposed, as required by treaty.
“MUCC applauds Governor Snyder for signing this bill and supports the NRC in using sound science, public input and the Wolf Management Plan in deliberating a wolf season,” said Amy Trotter, Resource Policy Manager for MUCC. “The North American model of conservation, which includes hunting, has successfully maintained and enhanced wildlife populations for over a century.”
NRC Chairman J.R. Richardson has requested a status report of wolves in Michigan for the January NRC meeting.
MUCC adopted a policy resolution at its 2011 Annual Convention affirming its support for the establishment of a wolf hunting or trapping season. To learn more about MUCC’s policy-setting process, click here.

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