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MUCC Wants YOU To Join Our Team! Volunteer Positions Now Available

August 1st, 2013

To the outside observer, MUCC looks like a small but efficient team of paid professional staff running a statewide non-profit organization and Michigan OutofDoors Magazine.

But dig deeper and you will see a vast network of grassroots volunteers in various elected and appointed positions serving on our Board of Directors and its standing committees (Wildlife, Fisheries and Forestry among others), not to mention those volunteers that come together for specific events like our Lieutenant Governor’s Charity Shoot, staffing tables at outdoor shows and sporting goods stores, improving MUCC’s Michigan OutofDoors Youth Camp, and “On The Ground” habitat projects.

Some of our long-time volunteers can check the “All of the Above” box, which has kept this organization going for the last 76 years. We offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for these dedicated volunteers and hope that they would help us welcome new people to mentor and train to be the next generation of MUCC volunteers.

In addition to MUCC committees and events, MUCC volunteers and staff also serve on or attend various DNR advisory committees. A DNR committee volunteer does not need to be a member of the Board of Directors or staff to represent MUCC on one of these advisory committees, although MUCC membership is required (club or individual members) along with a number of responsibilities outlined in the “job description”.

Membership on these committees gives you insider access to brainstorm new ideas for natural resources management in your given area of expertise and will introduce you to other organizations and perspectives, as well as key staff in the DNR and decision-makers on the Natural Resources Commission.

MUCC staff is currently looking for volunteers to represent MUCC on the following committees:

  • DNR Furtakers User Group: The Furtakers User Group meets regularly with DNR staff. The group provides input on existing trapping and furbearer hunting regulations as well as on proposed regulation changes. This is also an opportunity for Furtaker’s to present issues with current regulations and request changes. The group assists the DNR in developing furbearer regulations that are not only biologically sound but also socially acceptable.
  • DNR Citizens Fishery Advisory Committees review and provide input and direction into the fishery goals, objectives and management plans for the relevant Great Lakes basin. Members will assist DNR Fisheries Division in charting the future course of fisheries management by providing voice to and for the diversity of citizen interests in the basin.
    • Lake Erie/Lake St. Clair typically meets twice a year in the spring and fall in Southeast Michigan.
    • The Lake Superior Fishery Citizen Advisory Committee meets once a year in April in the Upper Peninsula. The Terms of Reference for being a member of this group is available here.

 While it’s a volunteer position, members can serve as an important arm of the organization in accomplishing our mission.


Review the “job description” below and then email MUCC Resource Policy Manager Amy Trotter at to indicate your interest by September 1! Be sure to include a resume if possible and background information about yourself, your experience in the outdoors, and why you would like to be a member of one of the committees listed above. Please put “Volunteer Posting” in the subject line.

 MUCC Volunteer Responsibilities and “Job Description”

  •  Represent MUCC and MUCC policy positions on assigned DNR Advisory/Steering Committees
  • Advise and communicate pertinent and relevant information on a regular basis to MUCC Fisheries or Wildlife Committee Chairperson
  • Prepare timely written updates on your assigned DNR Committee to Resource Policy Manager for use in MUCC’s Conservation Insider, blogs, and magazine articles.
  • Meet at least twice annually with other MUCC volunteers to discuss the policy and process of the Committee you serve on; identify needed MUCC policy resolutions (positions on a given issue), and review and comment on proposed resolutions going to Annual Convention and current MUCC policies.
  • Attendance at MUCC’s Annual Convention in June is also encouraged.

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