Michigan. United. A Recap of MUCC's 2014 Annual Convention

MUCC's Board of Directors, voting club delegates, members and many agency and conservation partners gathered in Roscommon last weekend to learn new skills together, celebrate accomplishments, and add more policies to their "to-do" list during the 2014 Annual Convention.
For the first time in many years, MUCC offered Conservation Leadership Training June 19-21, in partnership with Freshwater Future10435937_10152234319759091_4660785514103360326_n through their Insight Services Grant Program. We believe that by investing in our current and future organizational leaders, the conservation community can continue to build our power and effectiveness here in Michigan. The 40-plus Conservation Leadership Training attendees participated in sessions on:
  • Grant writing and fundraising
  • Policy making process and non-profit advocacy, featuring State Representative Bruce Rendon, State Senator John Moolenaar, NRC Vice Chairman John Matonich, and Rusty Merchant from McAlvey, Merchant & Associates
  • Board Leadership and Governance
  • Developing an Issue Communications Strategy
  • Using technology for volunteer recruitment
10492366_10152234319304091_5638377679028531850_nOn Saturday morning, the formal Annual Convention was kicked off and featured guest speaker Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Director and Quality of Life group team leader Dan Wyant, who recognized MUCC as "Michigan's premier conservation organization". More than 80 voting delegates carrying almost 300 votes spent the bulk of Saturday and Sunday morning discussing and debating 21 proposed conservation policy resolutions. Thirteen resolutions passed on the following topics (see here for more details):
  • Encouraging winter cuttings and feeding of U.P. deer on state land
  • Expansion of CPL holders ability to carry knives, open or concealed
  • Allow night porcupine hunting, with aid of an artificial light during seasons when other species may also be taken at night with a light
  • Portable ground blind safety, requiring 144 sq. in of hunter orange while blind is occupied in seasons when orange is required
  • Expanding hunting opportunities from elevated platforms with firearms
  • Outlaw the use of drones in hunting, trapping, and fishing or for harassment
  • Addressing winter access to boating access sites
  • Support for a wildlife management cooperative coordinator
  • Michigan bass season change to year round catch and release season
  • Enforcement of hunter, angler, and trapper cyber-harassment and cyber stalking
  • Changing the date of muzzleloader season to Dec. 1-10 for all zones
  • Requiring permits for drain maintenance work if that drain is also a designated trout stream
  • Support for hydrologic separation of the great lakes and Mississippi river basins
Members in attendance also got to vote for MUCC's Board of Director's statewide officers, regional Vice Presidents and Directors at Large, including electing Ron Burris as MUCC's new President of the Board.10486003_10152234324489091_3494378050731417925_n
It wasn't all work though, attendees did get to enjoy a networking reception and dinner Friday night as well as the Conservation Awards Banquet on Saturday evening. Those honored with awards included a number of volunteers who contributed immensely to the signature collection efforts of Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management, including Conservationist of the Year Mike Leonard!
These are just the highlights--there's so much more that went into keeping us hopping on the banks of Higgins Lake for 4 days! Follow the links for even more exciting reports from Convention and we will be sure to keep everyone engaged and informed as we work to move these policy resolutions forward to implementation.

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