Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative Volunteer Lauded by DNR

DNR Press Release
The Department of Natural Resources today announced that David H. Ames of Ypsilanti Township was named the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative Volunteer of the Year.
A retired police officer, Ames has been the driving force of the pheasant cooperative concentrated around the Lake Hudson Recreation Area in Lenawee Township. He organizes cooperative events, works with surrounding private landowners, runs the co-op’s Facebook page and serves as a liaison to the DNR and other conservation agencies.
“This was totally unexpected and quite an honor,” said Ames. “Some of the volunteers are accomplishing great things in so many ways that this means a lot to me. It was great to have some of the DNR guys I work with – Al Stewart, Mark Sargent, Ray Fahlsing – attend the meeting.”
The Lake Hudson Pheasant Cooperative has been one of the most successful joint efforts between the DNR and its partners in the Pheasant Restoration Initiative. The group has prepped and cleared land at the Lake Hudson Recreation Area for the planting of native grasses and is seen as an example of what such partnerships can accomplish.
“The efforts of volunteers like David Ames are integral to the success of the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative,” said DNR Director Keith Creagh. “We’ve undertaken a monumental task to restore Michigan’s pheasant population and heritage. With the dedication and work of guys like David, we’re beginning to see the fruits of this effort.”
For more information on the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative, visit the DNR website atwww.michigan.gov/pheasant.

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