Michigan Out-of-Doors Podcast Ep. 19 : Why Ann Arbor Should Allow Bowhunting

Drew and Logan make fun of anti-hunters trying to stop bear hunting in the Upper Peninsula and explain why Ann Arbor should allow bowhunting. 





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  • commented 2015-11-12 17:08:28 -0500
    Two points: First, it scares me to hear how your guest and you dismiss the “anti-hunters” petition to stop bear hunting in the UP. Anyone one who is an watcher of the AHC (American Heroes Channel) has seen many instances of battles and wars lost because an enemy has been under estimated. ANY action should be met with a reaction. An idea (good or bad, it is something): response to the 3000 signers of the bear petition with a “support Bear Hunting in the U.P.” on-line petition and show them that there is stanch support in Michigan for hunting. We should be able to bury their numbers with ours.

    Second point: I am sorry, but your guest was not very helpful. His comments were lacking even when they were supportive. It might have been better to have an opposition guest so that give and take could occur. We should not be afraid of a debate with the opposition if we really believe our position on the / any subject is the “right” one.