Michigan Farm Bureau: Senate Approves Wildlife Initiative

Michigan Farm Bureau Logo Photo: www.michfb.com
On Aug. 13 the Michigan Senate voted 23-10 in support of a citizen's initiative that would keep authority for game designation with the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) and therefore allow continuation of a wolf hunt.
Michigan Farm Bureau supported the initiative that is backed by the Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management. Specifically, the initiative establishes the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, which in addition to allowing game designation by the NRC, would provide $1 million for Asian carp prevention and allow for free hunting and fishing licenses to military veterans. Click here for additional details.
If passed by the House when they hold session on Aug. 27, the initiative would render moot two other referenda on the November ballot that oppose wolf hunting. The initiative is not subject to the Governor's approval and becomes law once it's filed with the Office of the Great Seal.
However, if the House does not take action by Sept. 2, then the initiative would appear on the November ballot.

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