Mentored Youth Hunting Licenses on Sale NOW!

MUCC is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year. In doing so, not only are we looking back at our wonderful accomplishments over the years, but also looking forward to the future of conservation in Michigan.
We see youth as the future stewards of Michigan's great natural resources, but kids today spend more than 8 hours a day "plugged in" not to mention the numerous other organized activities starting at younger and younger ages.  You can help make sure that hunting, fishing, and trapping are also part of being a kid again today by becoming a mentor and introducing a child to the wonders of outdoor recreation.
The Mentored Youth Hunting Program concept originated from an MUCC 2010 Annual Convention Resolution and resulting Hunter Heritage legislation that was signed by Governor Snyder last summer. The legislation created the Mentored Youth Hunting license package, which is truly a small investment in the future of Michigan.
For children under the age of 10 at the time of purchase, $7.50 will get a package license to hunt turkey (spring and fall) on private or public land, deer (two tags, any deer) and small game, trap furbearers and fish for all species.
If you are a parent or a mentor who wants to take a mentored youth in the field this spring, the DNR has provided some tips for adults as well as all the rules and regulations you and the youth must follow.
Licenses are on sale now! Please share with us your adventures this year!

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