Many Hands Make Quick Work at MOOD Youth Camp

Shaun McKeon, Camp Director

This past weekend the Cedar Lake Outdoor Center was brought back to life from its winter sleep.  Over 2 days we were able to work on and complete 21 separate projects.  The volunteers came out in force and the support for the camp program was great.  We had a total of 51 people come out representing clubs from every corner of the state and even some of the groups who rent our property were able to send volunteers to help steward the property they have come to enjoy so much.
Friday we struggled to beat Mother Nature, with a rainy start to the morning and into the early afternoon she eventually won out and we worked on mostly indoor projects.  Working on major projects like the A-latrine renovation was a group from Chrysler’s Chelsea Proving Grounds. Some of the Chrysler volunteers were also helping with interior electrical work on the cabins of A-unit; these cabins are sponsored by the Lake St. Clair Walleye Club, St. Clair Hunt and Fish Club, and Pine River Sportsman’s Club. These three clubs raised all of the funds necessary to upgrade the nearly 30 year old electrical inside the cabin and the upgrades will be appreciated by both the campers and staff once the summer rolls around.
On Saturday Mother Nature threw us a bone and brought blue skies and 50 degree temps.  We had 34 people join us with the good weather and we got to work making the outside of the property safe and looking good.  Hauling brush, installing our 3-D archery backstops, continuing the latrine and electrical work and several other clubs came out to take care of the cabins they sponsor.  Groups from Livingston County Wildlife Conservation Club, and Perch Point Conservation Club were both out getting their cabins ready to go for the year.  There were also several youth who will be attending camp this summer lending a hand with the tasks and scoping out the area as the excitement builds for the 2014 season to start.
Lunch was provided on both days with sub sandwiches being the main course on Friday and Saturday one of the regular On The Ground Volunteers Mark VanBogelen joined us to man the grill for hotdogs and hamburgers, that were commended for their deliciousness.
With good food, lots of volunteers, and all of the projects completed by Saturday afternoon we had a very successful camp clean up weekend and the property is in fantastic shape for when our campers arrive this June.  Speaking of campers, we still have spots available to register your kids or grand kids or neighbor kids.  So if you know someone between the ages of 5-16 who needs a little outdoors in their life, send them our way.  Registration information can be found at or by ____________________
Thanks again to everyone who came out last weekend to help kick the 2014 season off on the right foot!

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