Letters of Support Needed for Wolf Management Bill

We reported recently that House Bill 5834 was introduced by Representative Matt Huuki (R – Atlantic Mine) that would designate the wolf as a game species in Michigan. This bill marks the next step in the historical recovery of the wolf species in Michigan and the upper Great Lakes region.
Historical as it may be, this bill needs your help and support to get its wheels moving in the Michigan House of Representatives.
If you or your organization is supportive of designating the wolf as a game species in Michigan, please send a letter of support to Representative Matt Huuki at the address below:
State Representative Matt Huuki
S-1489 House Office Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909
You can also e-mail your letter to Rep. Huuki at matthuuki@house.mi.gov
Letters should not just simply state your support, but should highlight:
  •         the need for good management of the wolf now that its populations have more than surpassed their recovery goals;  
  •         the Michigan wolf population is abundant enough to where it should be managed across the entire range, not just on a case by case basis; and
  •         that the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation should be applied to wolf management, which includes hunting and trapping as a means of management.          
Letters should also be sent to the House Natural Resources Committee Chair, Representative Frank Foster. You should list your reasons for support, and state clearly that you are requesting a hearing for this bill in September.  Letters to Rep. Foster can be sent to:
State Representative Frank Foster
S-1486 House Office Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909
Or e-mailed to frankfoster@house.mi.gov
If you are going to do this much, you might as well send a copy of your letter to your own Representative and Senator as well!
Their contact information can be located by clicking on the following links:
This bill is the key to the best available management for the wolf species under the North American Model, but it will not likely move forward at a good pace without your help!

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