Legislature to Propose Nuclear Waste Storage Halt

Last week State Senator Phil Pavlov introduced a package of bills that seeks to stop the construction of a proposed Canadian nuclear waste dump on the shores of Lake Huron.
NuclearFor several years now the corporation, Ontario Power Generation has been working on a proposal that would allow them to bury low and intermediate level radioactive nuclear waste in a deep geological repository under Kincardine Ontario. The proposed site is approximately 680 meters below ground and would be carved out of limestone, and it could come within 400 meters of Lake Huron.
Senator Pavlov’s legislation has received bi-partisan support in the Senate and has received support from many Michigan conservation and environmental groups. One of the highlights of the package is to use the International Joint Commission, which was formed in 1909 in order to address international matters relative to the US and Canada in protecting the Great Lakes.
The bill packed would do the following:
SCR 16:
  • Would urge the President, Secretary of State & Congress to invoke the participation of the International Joint Commission to evaluate the proposed nuclear waste site.
SCR 17:
  • Would urge the Great Lakes Commission to study and take a formal position on the proposed nuclear waste site and to study the potential impacts it may have on the Great Lakes.
SB 948:
  • Would establish the Great Lakes Protection Radioactive Waste Advisory Board.
  • This board would be made up of 11 members from across the state who represent various industries, environmental groups, and nuclear & radiological specialists.
  • The board is to asses potential consequences to the public’s health and natural resources.
  • Expands Michigan’s current ban on nuclear waste disposal to include Class C radioactive waste.
  • One and a half years after enactment this section will be repealed and the board disbanded.
The Senate Natural Resources Committee will likely be holding a hearing on these bills in the coming weeks. For more information on the proposed site and the bill package you can visit the website ProtectLakeHuron.com

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