Lake Huron Steelhead Study Needs Angler Help

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is studying the effectiveness of pen rearing steelhead in Lake Huron and need anglers help in evaluating the program. The Fisheries Division released pen reared, coded wire tagged steelhead at three sites in Lake Huron (Harrisville, Oscoda and Harbor Beach) in the spring of 2011 and are asking anglers who catch coded wire tagged steelhead to return the heads to the DNR.
The fish should be about 12 to 14 inches long this fall and it is important to get as many tagged fish returns as possible to effectively evaluate stocking the larger penned reared fish vs. the smaller traditionally stocked smolts. The coded wire tagged fish can be identified by the absence of the adipose fin (click below for a PDF of the enlarged picture).

Anglers are ask to remove and freeze the head of the finned clipped (missing adipose fin) and return the head and this recovery form to the DNR. If you do not know the longitude and latitude or the grid number, it is important that you return the head with the best estimate of where the fish was caught.

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