Ken Kelly of Mag-na-port earns MUCC Outstanding Conservationist Award.

Michigan United Conservation Clubs is proud to announce Ken Kelly of Mag-na-port as a 2012 recipient of an Outstanding Conservationist Award.
As a part of its 75th Anniversary celebration MUCC is pleased to recognize Mr. Ken Kelly with its Outstanding Conservationist Award.  Many of you know of Ken’s family business, Mag-na-port, in Harrison Township, Michigan.  Using an EDM process perfected by Ken’s late father, Larry, Mag-na-port cuts venting or “ports” in firearm barrels to reduce recoil and muzzle lift.  Started in the mid-1960's, Mag-na-port has gone international, with operations in the US, Australia and New Zealand.
What many of you may NOT know is how Ken Kelly has donated his time and world-class gun-smithing talents to countless organizations in the name of conservation, including MUCC’s 75th Anniversary Gun being raffled this week.  According to his good friend, Bob Garner, Ken “does anything you ask him to do and asks nothing in return, which is exceedingly rare.”
Garner went on to describe how many times an ordinary firearm was transformed into a work of art by Ken’s extraordinary customizing.  Says Garner, “I’ve seen Ken take a $600 firearm and do his magic on it and have it sell for as much as $5,200 at a fund-raising auction. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Ken.”
Ken Kelly is a master gunsmith and won the “Pistolsmith of the Year” award in 2007 from the American Pistolsmiths Guild.  That’s for being the best in the country.  He also served on Governor John Engler’s Hunter Recruitment Task Force, is an active shooter in various shooting clubs and is described as being “a real patronne to the sport of handgun hunting.”  In fact, the Handgun Hunting Hall of Fame is located in the Mag-na-port offices in Harrison Township.
Ken Kelly has been likened to artist Terry Redlin for his contributions to conservation organizations like MUCC.  Garner describes Ken as perhaps being “the most modest, biggest contributor to conservation causes in the state of Michigan,” estimating his contributions resulting in nearly one million dollars raised for conservation causes.
We thank Ken for his many contributions to the great conservation legacy of this state and congratulate him as MUCC’s Outstanding Conservationist.

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