In the Field: Youth Pheasant Hunt

On October 24, the Saginaw Conservation District partnered with the Saginaw County Pheasant Forever Chapter and the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative to put on a youth pheasant hunt! There were door prizes, hot cider, orange hoodies, and plenty of fun! The kids were were successful in harvesting a bird were able to keep their kill. Volunteers came out to assist the kids, and provide dogs for flushing and retrieving.


Monique.gifDog.gifMonique Ferris (pictured to the left) is the Farm Bill Biologist assigned to Saginaw County. She was able to attend the event and promote the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative. Monique works to assist landowners in improving their habitat for pheasants and other upland critters. The Pheasant Restoration Initiative seeks to complement the habitat improvement programs Monique promotes by encouraging neighbors to work together to create and enhance habitat on their properties. By working together by creating networks of habitat areas, we can increase the pheasant hunting opportunities here in Southern Michigan!

If you are interested in being involved with the Michigan Pheasant Initiative in Saginaw, Clinton, or Gratiot County, please reach out to Monique at! She would be happy to assist you with planning how you can improve habitats and join with neighbors to expand pheasant habitat near you. If you live in Southern Michigan, but not in one of those counties, please feel free to contact me at and I can help you get started and connect you with some habitat gurus closer to you!


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