Hunting Rights Petition Drive Going Strong as Anti's Turn In Signatures

On March 13, the anti-hunting Humane Society of the United States front group Keep Michigan Wolves Protected turned in approximately 230,000 signatures to referendum Public Act 21 of 2013, which protected hunting rights by ensuring that game species are determined by sound science and provides free licenses to military members. If at least 161,000 of their signatures are valid, then it will go on November's ballot. At the same time, though, the petition drive to protect hunting rights from the anti-hunters is going strong.
Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management (CPWM), the coalition of hunting, fishing, trapping and conservation groups collecting signatures in support of the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act (including MUCC), is on pace at the moment to collect enough signatures to introduce the law before the Legislature for passage. The CPWM citizen initiative would protect hunting rights by using sound science to name game species, protect free military licenses, and fight Asian carp with a $1 million rapid response fund.
Mail in your signed petitions! Mail in your signed petitions!
Thousands of petitions are being mailed in every day, but that pace has to continue to reach our goal, so if you have signatures on petitions, mail them in! The campaign is also looking for volunteers to collect signatures at sporting goods stores, especially at Cabela's in Grandville, Dundee and Saginaw, Bass Pro Shops in Auburn Hills, and Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare and Gaylord. Sign up here or email me at if you can help!
The anti's have turned in their signatures, but as long as we get ours, we'll be able to protect our hunting rights from them. We have an opportunity right now to defeat the anti-hunters and send them a clear message that their state-by-state, species-by-species plan to take away hunting rights stops at Michigan's borders. But we have to get out there and get the signatures to do it! Sign up today or donate to the campaign to protect all our hunting rights!

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