Hunting For Votes: Barack Obama

With the election 2012 days away, MUCC was able to ask the camps of both President Obama and Governor Romney their thoughts on natural resources and how if elected they would help the outdoors in Michigan. These responses were printed in the most recent November/December 2012 issue of Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine.
Below is the response of President Barack Obama:
“From the shores of Lake Superior to the Detroit River, Michigan’s incredible natural resources are a crucial part of the state’s economy and culture. I am committed to conservation while creating jobs, preserving habitats, and ensuring that future generations can enjoy our nation’s outdoor heritage. I am expanding access to public lands so that more Americans have access to spaces where they can cast a rod or teach their children how to hunt.
We have already opened up about 2.4 million acres of private lands across the country for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation. Conservation is crucial for recreation and tourism – which is why we are taking important steps to restore our treasured landscapes. We kicked off the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the largest investment in the Great Lakes in two decades, which is targeting ecological problems such as invasive species, toxic hot spots, runoff from farms and cities and declining wildlife habitat. We are also working tirelessly on an unprecedented effort to halt the spread of Asian carp, which are threatening the Great Lakes ecosystem.
One of the first bills I signed after taking office was the largest expansion of wilderness in a generation – which conserved more than a thousand miles of rivers and millions of acres of land. And two years ago, we kicked off the America’s Great Outdoors initiative to support conservation projects in all 50 states. We are working with more than 500,000 farmers and ranchers to implement conservation practices on nearly 30 million acres of land. And I helped establish a plan for sustainable management of 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands to guide everything from recreation to renewable energy development in our national forests.
These actions conserve our cherished natural resources and help restore habitat. They open more lands for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation, and bolster local economies across the country. This is good for communities today, and generations down the line.”
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