Hunter Safety Classes Abound, Find One Here

After receiving my fourth call of the morning regarding questions about Michigan’s Hunter Safety Education classes, I figured everyone already has their mind on fall. It’s wonderful that so many families will be continuing the tradition of getting kids into the outdoors and we expect many more to join them when the Mentored Youth Hunting Program and license (see the Hunter Heritage Bill) go into effect in 2012.
But until that time, there is no need to wait if you have a child or an adult who is ready and willing to get into the hunter safety program now. There is no minimum age to take hunter safety; it is at the parent’s discretion. The parent can determine if their child is at the required reading level and can understand the content, but if there are any questions, a parent can talk to the instructor in advance as well. Once certified and upon turning the minimum age required for that season/game (yes, we have to deal with these rules for one more fall season), a youth hunter under 17 still must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
But for anyone 10 and over who won’t be able to complete a hunter safety course before the season, there is also an apprentice license option. An individual may hunt with an apprentice license (available at any license retailer) for two license years prior to receiving their hunter safety certificate. A regular licensed hunter who is 21 years or older must accompany the apprentice license holder (regardless of their age) into the field. This is also a good option for any family or friends from out of town who might want to try out hunting in Michigan because it’s available for both residents and non-residents.
To search for the traditional classroom Michigan Hunter’s Safety Education courses, please check out the following DNR link:
While there, you can also learn about the online course and home study options (both of which still require a field day with an instructor). Adults born after January 1, 1960 who have never hunted still need a hunter safety course and this online course is a great option for you!
If you can’t find a class near you through the DNR’s site, be sure to call your local sportsmen’s club who might be sponsoring one not listed.

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