House Natural Resources, Tourism Committees Announced

On January 24, the new committees on Natural Resources and Tourism and Outdoor Recreation were announced for the House of Representatives.
Rep. Andrea LaFontaine (R – Columbus Twp) will chair the House Committee on Natural Resources.  Rep. Bruce Rendon (R – Lake City), who sponsored the 2011 Volunteer Bill (HB 4111), will be the Vice Chairman of the committee, and Rep. Charles Smiley (D – Burton) will be the Minority Vice Chairman. Rounding out the Natural Resources committee will be Representatives Ken Goike (R - Ray), Joel Johnson (R - Clare), Ed McBroom (R – Vulcan), and freshman representatives Roger Victory (R – Hudsonville), Scott Dianda (D – Calumet) and John Kivela (D – Marquette).
Rep. Peter Pettalia (R – Presque Isle) will chair the House Committee on Tourism, with Rep. Ken Goike (R – Ray) serving as Vice Chairman. Rep. Robert Kosowski (D – Westland) will be the Minority Vice Chair. Representatives Hugh Crawford (R – Novi), Bob Genetski (R - Saugatuck), Bruce Rendon (R – Lake City), David Pagel (R – Oronoko Township), Charles Brunner (D – Bay City) and John Kivela (D – Marquette) fill the remaining committee seats.
Most bills affecting hunting, fishing, trapping and conservation will likely be referred to one of these two committees, where testimony is taken, bills are analyzed, and substitutes are introduced before successful bills are voted on to the full House of Representatives for a floor vote.
“I look forward to working with the committees on the issues that affect the rights to hunt, fish, trap and practice wise use of our natural resources,” said Kent Wood, Legislative Affairs Manager for Michigan United Conservation Clubs.
To sign up for alerts to learn when these committees meet and which bills are on the agenda, go to the Michigan Legislature website and sign up for meeting notifications.

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