House Bill 5103: Changes Proposed for the Michigan Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council

Summary:  House Bill 5103 would restructure the Michigan Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council. The council is meant to advise the Director of the DNR and the Governor on the creation, development, operation, and maintenance of motorized and non-motorized trails in the state, including, but not limited to, snowmobile, biking, equestrian, hiking, off-road vehicle, and skiing trails. The Council currently consists of 11 governor-appointed members. Each member is appointed for a 4 year term. The amendatory act would stagger the terms of members, where upon reappointment at the next advisory council meeting:
  • 2 of the members would serve for 1 year
  • 3 members would serve for 2 years
  • 3 members would serve for 3 years
  • 3 members would serve for 4 years (With no less than 2 of those members serving as members of The Equine Trailways Subcommittee created under section 72110A)
As these appointments expire, the council seats would return to a 4 year term for each appointment. The Advisory Council will continue to be served by at least 5 members that have ORV trail permit or are an owner of a snowmobile, where at least 3 members of the advisory council must own a registered snowmobile and at least 1 member should have experience as an instructor in snowmobile safety education and training program or an ORV safety education course.
At least 1 member of the advisory council shall be a resident of the Upper Peninsula.
Current Status: House Bill 5103 has passed both the House and Senate and is now headed to the Governor’s desk.
Analysis: The way the council is currently structured, all appointment terms are set to expire at the same time. This restructuring will ensure that the advisory council will be staffed at all times with some more experienced members, while allowing for the influx of fresh ideas from newer members. This change would allow for the stability of the council as terms expire and new members are selected.
MUCC Action: MUCC supports the proposed changes to the Michigan Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council.
Sponsor: Rep. Bruce Rendon (R-Lake City)

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