Gun retailers see burst in sales surrounding new lower Michigan rifle law

by Cory Olsen for
Photo by Cory Olsen Photo by Cory Olsen
GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Lower Michigan firearm deer hunters have more shooting options this season, much to the excitement of West Michigan gun retailers.
Saturday marks the first opening day of the new Limited Firearm Deer Zone in southern Michigan, a designation that will allow hunters to shoot rifles that use straight-walled pistol cartridges.
The use of rifles was previously prohibited in lower Michigan during firearm deer season due to the distance the rounds travel in a more dense population. The zone was formerly known as the Southern Shotgun Zone or “rifle line” by hunters, and stretched in a jagged line from central Muskegon County through northern Kent County and up toward Bay City.
Photo by Cory Olsen Photo by Cory Olsen
Jake Lowing, the hunting supervisor for Gander Mountain in Grandville said the law change has created a run on the firearms and ammo.
“It opened up a whole new market that no one was ready for,” Lowing said.
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