Governor Snyder Gives 4th State of the State Address Tonight

Each year in January, Michigan's Governor outlines his or her priorities for the upcoming year in an address, called The State of the State, to a joint meeting of the Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan Senate, state department officials, and Supreme Court justices and many more special guests. Following on the heels of the State of the State is the Governor's budget address where the priorities for spending are laid out in February.
This single speech can really set the tone for the coming year and each year everyone in Michigan longs to hear good news about their program area of interest, and then see the budget to implement that wish list follow. MUCC hopes to hear about proactive policy changes and investments to help protect and manage Michigan's natural resources.
Governor Rick Snyder typically focuses on his "Dashboard," indicators and metrics to see how the State is doing. Each state department also has its own scorecard that goes into more detail than the broader Michigan Dashboard.
Watch Governor Snyder's fourth State of the State Address tonight at 7 p.m., likely on your local PBS station or online (click image below):
SOTS 2014
In advance of the main event tonight, here are some resources you can check out:
Measuring Michigan's Performance: Michigan's Dashboards
State Department Scorecards (see each Department's month to month scorecard, look for the Quality of Life group's including DNR, DEQ and MDARD)
Governor Snyder's 2013 State of the State Address (transcript)

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