Governor Rick Snyder Plants Trees on New Trail

GWINN -- Governor Rick Snyder spent Wednesday morning  planting trees on a new Grouse trail off of the Perrin Brothers trail south of Gwinn.
It's a collaborative effort between the Department of Natural Resources and Michigan's United Conservation Clubs. 
With a shovel in hand Governor Rick Snyder dug holes and planted several trees on a new DNR Grouse Enhancement Management System trail also known as GEMS.
image (7)Snyder says wildlife habitat conservation is a community effort.
"Different kinds of organizations coming together out here to represent one another, and to work together. So, it's not about having separate trails it's about how we share this great resource together and how we enhance it," said Governor Rick Snyder.
They planted fruit bearing trees and berry producing shrubs with several volunteers from the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and DNR officials.
It's one of at least eleven trails in the U.P. which will be preserved to improve the population and hunting of Grouse in the area.
"The beauty of this area is we've got a lot of good Aspen habitat, which is key for Grouse and woodcock, deer, bear, snowshoe hare. So, the landscape and the ecology is right," said Terry Minzey, U.P. Wildlife supervisor for the Department of Natural Resources.
Snyder says recent legislation on hunting and fishing licenses helps fund habitat projects like the GEMS trail and promotes volunteering.
"It gives them a chance to get out on a project with the DNR, see what they do, see what their hunting angler licenses are put to work on the Ground," said Drew YoungeDyke, Michigan United Conservation Clubs.
Snyder also says it's a perfect example of his 'Do Something Michigan' initiative, and helping wildlife.
"We've made major improvements, but let's keep it up let's see action out here. That's why it was fun to get a shovel and plant some trees," Snyder adds.
Four GEMS trail will be opened up for hunting this fall.

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