Fisheries Division Proposes New Trout Stream Category

The Fisheries Division has proposed an increase of Brook Trout possession limits in select streams across the Upper Peninsula.
The proposal incorporates a new trout stream category. These Type 5 trout streams will allow for the possession of 10 Brook Trout, an increase from the statewide 5, and the minimum size limit will be 7 inches.
Ten Upper Peninsula rivers and tributary streams are being proposed for the new type 5 category. These 10 rivers were selected from type 1 category streams, which previously had a possession limit of 5 and an MSL of 7 inches. These proposed type 5 streams will make up 6% of current type 1 stream mileage.
The proposed increase of possession limits and establishment of a type 5 stream will be up for approval at the November meeting of the Natural Resources Commission and if approved, would be implemented in April of 2013.
Maps and written descriptions of the upstream and downstream boundaries for the proposed Type 5 regulation are available at here.

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