Fin and Feather Club to Teach Gun Safety to Local School Staff

Reposted with permission from the Ludington Daily News. Click here for the full article:

SCOTTVILLE — Mason County Central staff will have the opportunity to learn gun safety for free and have the option to take a concealed pistol license class for $10 through the Fin and Feather Club of Mason County.MCC school board President Randy Saxton told board members Monday his instructor, Jim Glover, has also talked to Sheriff Kim Cole and offered the training so staff will know what to do if a student brings a weapon to school.
Saxton said it would be a good way to get people afraid of guns to learn about them if they have to deal with one, so they know how to handle it, if there is a safety and if it is on or not and what kind of gun it is.
“I will send out an email and ask who is interested,” said Superintendent Jeff Mount.
He said when it comes to situations like this, it’s not a matter of if it will happen but when will it happen and the staff needs to be prepared so accidents don’t happen.
“I would like to see nice numbers across the district if possible,” Mount said.
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