Fill Out Your 2013 Michigan Deer Harvest Survey

The mailed surveys have gone out (be on the lookout for the PINK form this year!) and a lucky 50,000 or so deer hunters have been asked to provide detailed information about their 2013 deer hunting season in Michigan. Three even luckier hunters that fill out this mailed survey and return it to the DNR by Feb. 20, 2014 will be eligible to win a shotgun, muzzleloader, or bow donated by the Safari Club International Michigan Involvement Committee.
It's important to be on the lookout for these mailed deer surveys because they are a key component to estimating the Michigan deer harvest each year, which feeds into season regulations the following year. With the survey information reported each year, combined with check station data and biological monitoring in the field, the DNR has a fairly precise set of data (within +/- 5% accuracy)  in which to manage the deer population.
So how do you get one? Each year, the DNR randomly selects individuals who had purchased a Michigan deer hunting license (firearm, archery, antlerless, or combination deer hunting licenses) and had not already voluntarily reported harvest information via the Internet. Hunters receiving the questionnaire were asked the same questions as asked via the internet.
Hunters that do not receive a survey in the mail but wish to provide their hunting and harvest information may visit and select the Deer Harvest Reporting Form link. It is important to fill this survey out even if you didn't hunt or weren't successful— all of this is data  goes into making predictions of future deer populations and harvest success rates more accurate.
This year, new questions were added to ask about how you use your venison and if you share it with others. Data from the questions regarding sharing venison will be used in a Michigan State University graduate student project being directed under the supervision of Dr. Shawn Riley – “Assessing the viability of game meat sharing as a strategy to increase support for hunting and wildlife conservation.”
MUCC urges our members and the public to take this survey each year to provide the best possible data to the DNR. We'll let you know the results around May or June once it is all compiled.
To view previous year's harvest data and other deer related survey results, we have linked to the last several years of reports (more Wildlife Survey Reports on other species available here:

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