Escaping Storms and Starting Cooperatives


by Anna Mitterling, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator, MUCC

Saturday was a neat day for me. Bacon Creek Cooperative held their second annual cooperative meeting. What makes this special, is that this is the first cooperative I helped start in my formal role as the Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator with MUCC. Jeffery Antes has done a great job communicating with his neighbors and helping equip them to increase their ability to manage their local wildlife. To make matters more exciting, I also out ran a severe storm when I left this event, and found out later that day that the meeting location was just a mile away from where a tornado touched down. Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any serious damage from that particular twister. 

August and September is a busy time of year in the cooperative world. A lot of guys are starting to think about hunting... we get our bows out, double check our trail camera batteries, look over food plots, make sure all our hunting gear is organized and ready for October. It is also the time of year we start to wonder what our neighbor is doing. So, as a result, I travel a lot this time of year, meeting with different landowners around the state. In just the past week, I have helped kick off two deer cooperatives, and helped lay the ground work for a developing pheasant cooperative! These are the meetings I thrive on! Meeting with passionate landowners and hunters who deeply care about their wildlife and habitat - who also want to learn how to partner with their neighbors to create better hunting for the future. 

In other news... as you prep for the coming hunting seasons, the 2016 Hunting Trapping Digest is out. Click here to see the digital copy.

Screen_Shot_2016-08-23_at_2.25.52_PM.pngA couple important items to note - and to read up on:

  • Coyote hunting is legal year round 
  • CWD zone expanded (Core zone -DMU 333- now includes several townships in Clinton, Shiawassee, Ingham and Eaton counties and requires you to check your deer, the bait/feed ban has been expanded to include -DMU 419- Ionia, Clinton, Shiawassee, Ingham, and Eaton counties); more details found in Hunt/Trap Digest on page 38
  • Deer Check Stations can be found at
  • Hunter Access Program properties have expanded into Northeast Michigan - visit for more information. And if you have never used Mi-HUNT to plan a public land hunt... check it out here!
  • Make sure to brush up on the carcass transport laws regarding game taken from states with CWD - fines are going up!
  • DNR allowed some space to promote wildlife cooperative development! Can you find the advertisement? 

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