DNR Wildlife Action Plan Under Review

The Wildlife Action Plan (WAP) is a strategy component of the DNR’s Wildlife Division Strategic Plan (Guiding Principles and Strategies – GPS). Written in 2005, this plan safeguards wildlife and their habitats that are in the greatest need of conservation. There are currently 404 Michigan species on the plan, which describes the threats to the species and then establishes conservation actions to keep the species off state and federal endangered species lists. The GPS directs the DNR to revise the Plan and develop a prioritized list of nongame wildlife management needs.
State Wildlife Grants are crucial to WAPs, though the federal budget is considering significant cuts to this line item. A portion of revenue collected from Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas royalties goes directly to benefit Michigan wildlife and their habitats. The DNR and other conservation partners have been successful at finding additional competitive funding to the state to complement the State Wildlife Grants.
During the first kickoff meeting on October 27, we helped the DNR review the criteria to determine priority species and will provide action recommendations as the planning process goes forward. Working with fellow conservation partners such as Ducks Unlimited, Ruffed Grouse Society, Michigan Audubon Society, and The Nature Conservancy, MUCC will help to ensure a conservation and species legacy in our great state.
To learn more about Michigan’s Wildlife Action Plan, go to:  http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10370_30909---,00.html

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