DNR Seeks Input on Michigan’s Pike Regulations

The Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Fisheries Division is asking for public input on the management of northern pike in Michigan by reviewing some proposed regulations, as well as regulations for muskie and brook trout possession limits.
In 2007, Fisheries Division charged an internal committee with developing a northern pike management plan. This plan was provided to the public for comment in 2009 and again in 2010, during which time many anglers provided comments on the need for regulation review. Anglers indicated they were supportive of a group of regulation options designed to maintain the current minimum size limit, to provide harvest on waters where appropriate, and to restrict harvest on some waters where the regulation would be designed to increase angler catches and increase the opportunity to catch larger fish.
Fisheries Division has been working with the Warmwater Resources Committee, a public advisory group of which MUCC is a member, to review northern pike regulation proposals provided by organized angling groups. The regulation options are a compromise agreed upon between Fisheries Division and the Warmwater Resources Committee.
Public review is being sought to determine whether anglers think these regulation options are acceptable to manage northern pike populations in Michigan. Three regulation options have been proposed to be moved forward for public comment:
  1. Minimum size limit of 24 inches with a possession limit of two (2) fish.
  2. No minimum size limit with a possession limit of five (5) fish where only one (1) may be greater than 24 inches.
  3. Protected slot limit between 24 and 34 inches and a possession limit of two (2) fish.
The public is being asked to review these regulation options through an online survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NorthernPikeFishingRegulations. You can also take the survey over the telephone by calling Debbie Robinson at the Plainwell Operations Service Center at (269) 685-6851. The online and telephone surveys will close on Friday, May 25.
Numerous public meetings will also be held around the state to learn about these proposals and ask questions.
To read more about the northern pike regulation review, please visit www.michigan.gov/fishing.

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