DNR Asks for Input for Strategic Plan

That's right folks, they are asking, so we need to make sure we respond!
DNR Director Rodney Stokes announced back in January that the DNR would be undergoing a department-wide strategic planning process, which will include many forms of reaching out to stakeholders and the public for their input. DNR staff are also going to be combing through all the existing division and program specific plans to lay out broader goals to direct the future of the DNR.
MUCC and our conservation partners have been discussing the need for this to happen for several months and we want our members to be a key part of the input process. This week, the Director sent the following letter to circulate to our memberships in order to gather an initial round of input through an electronic survey.
Please share your thoughts with the DNR and please share this opportunity with your club members, family, and friends as well! Most importantly, be candid, be constructive, and get it in on time. The deadline for comments is March 30th!


The Department of Natural Resources (Department) is committed to understanding our partners’ impressions of the Department.  As we strategically plan for our future and the future of our natural resources, we would like your help.
We would like to know your membership’s opinions about the Department’s strengths and weaknesses and the threats and opportunities that face the Department and natural resource management over the next five years.  We are also want to know more about how our partners are involved in natural resource management and outdoor recreation.  We are using a variety of tools to collect this information including focus groups, phone interviews, a statewide citizen survey, Department employee survey and this survey of partners.
I am asking that you electronically send out the survey to your members, which can be found at:
It is important to note that the completed survey will not be sent back through your organization but will be available to the Department for analysis.  The Department will not have access to who filled out the survey or their email address.  Please feel free to forward this entire note to your membership.  We are asking that the survey be completed by March 30, 2012.
The information collected from all of these sources will be compiled, analyzed and provided to the Department’s Management Team to assist in the strategic planning process.  The strategic plan will be completed by August 2012, and copies of the plan will be provided to your organization.
I greatly appreciate your help in ensuring that the Department has a comprehensive awareness of our citizens’ and our partners’ thoughts about the Department and the future of natural resource management and outdoor recreation.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Donna Stine at stined3@michigan.gov or 517-241-3774, or Pat Stewart at stewartp@michigan.gov  or 517-335-1833.  We would also appreciate letting us know if you will or will not send the survey to your membership.
Thank you for your help.
Rodney Stokes

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