Demmer Center Passing on Shooting Sports Traditions

We talk a lot about the value that sportsmen and women bring to conservation in this state, as well as around the country. We are the foremost supporters of fish and wildlife conservation, both in money and time.
Michigan State University’s Rifle and Pistol Club recently made news in the shooting sports world by bringing home titles in both team and individual categories at the NRA’s Rifle Team National Championship held in Georgia. They won by a good size margin, too. They are really good.
Often, the untold story of victorious competitors is the insane amount of practice that is needed to become the best - if not just really, really good, at something. Practice is something the MSU Rifle and Pistol Club does at the state-of-the-art Demmer Center Shooting Sports Education and Training Center on the campus of MSU, a facility made possible through the generous contributions of many outdoor organizations and individual sportsmen and women. Among them: the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Hal & Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation, the Easton Foundation, the Michigan DNR, Lansing Safari Club International, Dave and Rochelle Cotter, and former DNR director Becky & Bob Humphries.
But we cannot talk about the Demmer Center without talking about its namesake – the Demmer family. The family built its success in manufacturing, but has really made a name for itself by their generosity and giving back to conservation. Their contributions will, I’m sure, prove invaluable to numerous future generations of sportsman and women.
We all know of the importance of passing on our sporting heritage to our kids and grandkids, and the Demmer Center is helping to do just that. The Center is open to the public, so if you are in the East Lansing area, stop on in and check it out for yourself.
Demmer Center Hours:
Wednesday, and Friday: Public Shooting Hours -- 11:30am – 8pm
Saturday: Public Shooting Hours -- 11am – 8pm
Sunday: Public Shooting Hours -- Noon – 5pm
Tuesday and Thursday: Reserved for MembersClasses, Leagues, and Organized Activities
Monday: Closed
Check out the Demmer Center website for more info:

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