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Defend the Hunt Reminds Hunters to Save Their Hides

November 13th, 2013

LANSING— With Opening Day of firearm deer season upon us, Michigan United Conservation Clubs and the Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association would like to remind hunters to save their deer hides this year. Donation drop boxes for deer hides have been set up across the state and proceeds from the sale of hides will be used to defend hunting rights in Michigan as part of the “Defend the Hunt” program.

Hunters who successfully kill a deer are asked to keep the hide when they process it, or to request it back from their commercial processor (which may require a small fee), so that it can be donated. A short video at shows how to preserve the hides. The website also shows a full listing of over thirty drop-off sites around the state.

“The Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association is proud to team up with MUCC in the Defend the Hunt program to defend hunting, trapping and fishing rights in Michigan,” said Dennis Cronk of the MTPCA. “As trappers, we understand the danger of the recent misleading advertising and emotionally charged claims about sound scientific wildlife management that anti-hunters have made in Michigan.”

Proceeds from the sale of the hides will go toward defending hunting rights in Michigan. Examples of recent anti-hunting initiatives in Michigan include two referendum drives by a group staffed and primarily financed by the Humane Society of the United States, the largest anti-hunting organization in the country, to repeal the wolf hunt and the Natural Resources Commission’s ability to designate games species, issue fisheries orders, and to take away free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses from active military members.

“Defend the Hunt allows hunters to defend hunting rights while utilizing all the usable parts of the animals we hunt,” said Drew YoungeDyke, grassroots and public relations manager for Michigan United Conservation Clubs. “We’re very thankful to the businesses, conservation clubs and organizations that volunteered to defend hunting rights by hosting a drop-off site.”

Founded in 1937, Michigan United Conservation Clubs is the largest state-specific conservation organization in the country. MUCC’s mission is to unite citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage.

  • Loraine Pretorius

    Excuse me – am I missing something here – “defend the hunt”???? What part of KILL to defend am I not getting?? What is it about American that they must shoot everything in sight. They go to Africa to do trophy hunting and shoot canned lions?? You kill your bears, wolves, deer, hogs and thing that runs on 4 legs. Glad I am not an American – and I quote Ghandi “judge a nation by the way it treats its animals” Shame on you Michigan – shame on you.

    • pikemaster1

      I’m glad Your not American either or from Michigan , Shame on you !!

    • LB

      What do you think we should do? If they are not killed how do you think the population will be kept in check? It’s not like they will practice abstinence and as the heard size increases so will the number of predators. We are at the top of the food chain. We are the alpha predator. Do you think it is better to give up our position as the top predators who are capable of killing far more humanely than other predators like wolves and coyotes? Please explain what we should do? What is your solution?

  • Jon

    I am glad you are not American too! You just don’t get us

  • Nancy0327

    Talk about misleading scare tactics! No one is threatening to take away anyone’s right to hunt, trap or fish. Repeal of PA 21 would simply remove the authority of the NRC, a politically appointed body, to designate species as game. It is evident that the wolf hunt is a result of lies, distortions and misinformation (uh, “misquotes”) beginning with legislators, DNR spokesperson and NRC chair who by his own admission destroyed thousands of comments. DNR justified the actions claiming the comments were generated by anti-hunting groups. This also proved to be untrue.

    • Amy Trotter

      Maybe that is not It is not your threat, but HSUS’s primary mission is to oppose hunting and trapping in all its forms. Step 1–stop new game species from being named.

      I was happy to see no wolves were shot from helicopters this weekend!

      • Nancy0327

        The first alert from the DC office of HSUS did mention helicopters (since other states allow for aerial hunting) but they corrected the error immediately. Unlike Casperson who lied even when he offered his apology (claimed he only knew of the error when it was brought to his attention when he was told by a reporter – it is part of legislative record he was told) or Adam who waited 5 months – even though he admitted in his apology that he knew when it was brought to his attention through a FOIA request – the reply was dated 5/24)

    • LB

      Could you please point me to your proof? Could you also explain to me why so many people would rather animals such as deer be eaten alive by wolves (or coyotes for that matter) than killed quickly and humanely by hunters? A lot of people out there seem to think hunters are cruel, but I would argue that it’s the anti hunters that are cruel for wanting animals such as deer and others to die in extreme fear and unimaginable pain as they are savagely ripped apart and eaten while alive. Anti’s are extremely cruel people in my mind that don’t think logically and really don’t seem to care much about science or digging deep enough to find out the true facts for themselves.

      • Nancy0327

        LB, not sure I understand your question. I did dig deep to find out the facts. I am not against hunting and no one is attempting to take away anyone’s right to hunt, trap or fish. I enjoy cooking/eating venison, grouse and other game. This winter will be particularly cruel to deer. I expect the U.P. will see more than 100,000 dead, in part, because of the loss of winter habitat. I oppose the wolf hunt because there is no scientific need for a hunt. Wolves can be managed absent a hunt. Property owners can kill wolves in the act of attacking their livestock; permits are issued to kill wolves if there is a verified loss. Yes, I have volumes of proof that the hunt was based on misinformation. For example, 77% of livestock losses were at one farm with poor animal husbandry practices, yet this information was withheld from the NRC & legislators (I have the email verifying that) – I have the data sheet of all losses going back to 1996 (it is also posted to; I have the email where NRC chair admitted he trashed 2000 comments. Michigan Radio also has posted DNR’s retraction of a statement of an incident in Ironwood. And, there have been numerous reports of State Senator Casperson retracting a statement he made (although he lied even in the retraction) – he was told the information was false, before it was included in the resolution.

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