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On May 6, the State Board of Canvassers certified the signatures for the second anti-hunting referendum financed by the Humane Society of the United States. If they have their way, they'll be able to use this referendum to take away hunting rights by spending millions in misleading political advertising.

But we're not at the mercy of HSUS's money: We have our own petition drive that will protect hunting rights, keep hunting and fishing licenses free for active military members, and fight Asian carp. But in order for the Legislature to pass the law, we need you to mail in your signed petitions today! We're turning in the petitions to the state on May 27, so we need you to mail in any petitions you have with a signature on them - even just one signature - so that we can turn them in. 

Mail your petitions to: 

Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management PO Box 11082 Lansing, MI 48901

You can mail them in a regular envelope suitable for the number of petitions you're sending. Please be sure to sign the bottom of your petitions as a circulator with your address, and DO NOT use an address label in place of your address. Please DO NOT remove the fold-out portion of the petition, and be sure to mail them to the above address; DO NOT drop them off at a Secretary of State branch. 

We need you to mail your petitions in immediately, but we'll also continue collecting signatures at stores like Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, and some Gander Mountains and Jay's Sporting Goods through Memorial Day Weekend. We need volunteers to collect signatures at those stores, and this weekend we especially need volunteers at the Cabela's locations in Dundee and Grandville.

Please sign up here to volunteer! This is your last chance to be part of the biggest hunting rights defense in Michigan in decades! Let's show the anti-hunters that we won't sit still for them coming into our state to take away our hunting rights - Sign up today!

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