Defeat HSUS – Call your Legislators Today!

On May 27th we turned in nearly 375,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office for the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act. This was a huge step in our efforts to defeat the radical out of state aCPWM Logonti-hunters led by HSUS. However, we are not done yet and we NEED your help to ensure passage in the Legislature. HSUS has already begun contacting our Legislators asking them to oppose this initiative and we must counter their efforts with our own phone calls and emails, today!
We are expecting the State Board of Canvassers to certify the signatures in mid-July which then gives the Legislature 40 days to pass the Act. This means that the Legislature must come back to Lansing on Wednesday, August 13th to vote on this!
In order to ensure that this happens we need your help! You must call and email your Senator and Representative today and urge them to come to Lansing on August 13th to vote YES on the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act.
Talking Points: - Support the use of Sound Science; - Support funds to stop invasive species; - Support free hunting & fishing licenses for active duty military, and; - Come to Lansing August 13th to vote YES on the Act!
If you’re not sure who your Representative or Senator is just click on the below links to find them. Click here for Senator and click here for Representative.
Again, it is imperative that you voice your support to your Legislators, today!

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