Crossbows for Bowfishing in Michigan

Governor Snyder signed Senate Bill 897 yesterday, sponsored by state Sen. Darwin Booher (R-Evart), which adds crossbows to the list of gear that can lawfully be used to fish. The bill now is Public Act 245 of 2012.
However, this does not automatically make crossbows legal fishing gear yet. The new law simply gives the DNR the authority to regulate the taking of fish with a crossbow, should they choose to do so. The DNR Director would have to approve a change to the Fisheries Order, that would outline when, where, and how a crossbow may be used to take fish.
MUCC would appreciate your input on any changes to the Fisheries Order as it develops; this will likely be discussed at a future DNR Warmwater Resources Steering Committee before it goes on the Natural Resources Commission agenda around September.
No changes to taking fish with a crossbow will go into effect until the next license year (April 1, 2013) or later.

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