CPWM Petitions Officially Certified

Board of Canvassers meeting today vote unanimously to verify CPWM petitions Board of Canvassers meeting today vote unanimously to verify CPWM petitions
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Contact: Matt Evans | Michigan United Conservation Clubs |mevans@mucc.org |517-371-6462
Bureau of State Canvassers Certifies Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management Petitions
Citizen Initiative Garnered Almost 300,000 Signatures from Registered Michigan Voters
LANSING—The Michigan Board of State Canvassers has certified the Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management (CPWM) petitions for a citizen initiative to allow the Natural Resources Commission to make science-based decisions on fish and wildlife conservation issues, including naming game species and issuing fisheries orders.
The Secretary of State Bureau of Elections staff report estimated that the pro-hunting group turned in at least 297,051 valid signatures of registered Michigan voters in support of the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, which also creates a $1 million rapid response fund to protect fisheries from invasive species like Asian carp, and allows active military members to hunt and fish for free. “We’re excited that so many registered Michigan voters directly petitioned their elected representatives under the Michigan Constitution to protect their outdoor heritage by making sure we make fish and wildlife conservation decisions with sound science,” said Matt Evans, legislative affairs manager for Michigan United Conservation Clubs. “Almost 300,000 registered voters have asked their legislators to pass this law, and I sincerely hope they listen to their constituents.”
The citizen initiative is now before the Legislature, which will have 40 days to pass the initiative. Both chambers are expected to meet on August 13, which would be within the 40-day timeframe. The citizen initiative would render moot two referendums pushed by out-of-state anti-hunting and animal rights organizations that are trying to ban wolf hunting, despite biologists’ recommendations, by stripping the ability of the Natural Resources Commission to name game species using biologists’ recommendations.
Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management is a coalition of Michigan conservation, hunting, fishing, trapping organizations and local rod and gun clubs around the state, including the Michigan chapters of Safari Clubs International, Michigan Bear Hunters Association, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association, Upper Peninsula Bear Houndsmen, Michigan Hunting Dog Federation, U.P. Whitetails, Inc., Upper Peninsula Sportsmen’s Alliance, Lake St. Clair Walleye Association, Lake St. Clair Muskies, Inc., Michigan Steelhead and Salmon Fishermen’s Association, National Wildlife Federation, and individuals like Kirk Gibson, Steve Rinella, Mike Avery and Jimmy Gretzinger.

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