Meijer Providing Free Junior Deer Licenses

Corporate Conservationist Meijer Providing Free Junior Hunting Licenses

Meijer is offering free Michigan junior deer licenses at its stores September 9 and 10, continuing the generous support of conservation which earned it Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC)'s Corporate Conservationist of the Year Award for 2016. With the purchase of a base license, Meijer will cover the cost of the junior deer license with the coupon below, which includes the details and rules for redemption. (Photo: Bob Coffin of The Meijer Corporation accepts MUCC's 2016 Corporate Conservationist of the Year Award)


The Meijer Corporation received the Corporate Conservationist of the Year award from the Michigan United Conservation Clubs at it’s annual Conservation Awards Luncheon in June. 

“Meijer has not only been a generous financial partner for conservation,” said Daniel Eichinger, executive director of Michigan United Conservation Clubs, “but they have been generous with their talent as well.”

Michigan’s own Meijer family and company are extremely charitable in their protection of natural resources, funding the creation of the White Pine Trail State Park with a one million dollar gift. Meijer has also given over $300,000 worth of free ju­nior hunting licenses away since 2008.

“Their support quite literally allows us to keep printing and publishing Tracks,” said Eichinger. Tracks Magazine is published by Michigan United Conservation Clubs and focuses on the wildlife and ecosystems of Michigan, provided to elementary schools around the state.


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