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November 14, 2013 Conservation Insider: Save Your Hides, Defend the Hunt

November 18th, 2013

The most recent Conservation Insider is now available online. In this issue, we discuss the Defend the Hunt program, proposed Public Education Fund for preserving our outdoor heritage (also called the Colorado Model), and report on a proposal to increase State Park camping fees. See what else in on tap for news on invasive species too!  Click here to read all about it!

  • NormMackey

    I admit this is off the subject, and I happen to disagree with the wolf hunt policy, but there is one emergency I have to ask about.

    With Isle Royale moose at 1000 last winter count and increasing 35% a year, they’re very shortly going to overrun the island, high-line their browse, and crash to a few hundred and stagnate there while the forage recovers, just like they did last time they boomed to a little over 2500. Do the math, that’s 1350 last calving season, 1820 next spring, about 2500 again the year after that. They’ll never get to the 3rd spring from now, about 3300. It isn’t a natural laboratory experiment anymore, it will simply happen, period.

    It’s a complete mystery to me why I have to always be the one pointing this out on articles about the park, and that the only possible way to stop it is hunters culling the moose, like they do the elk at Rocky Mountain National Park and Biosphere Reserve. Where is the MUCC? Where are the hunter-conservationists, they don’t want to hunt hundreds of moose a year there? Want NPS shooters to cull them instead? Don’t want a beautiful, unquestionable example of where hunting is useful, necessary?

    Or if practical (probably way too expensive) move hundreds of moose a year to the mainland UP to (maybe) jump-start the herd past the heat and tick and deer parasite problems, with Isle Royale about the only place you can move ungulates from nowadays with no disease risk?

    Go ahead and push as hard as you want for the wolf hunt I disagree with. Can’t someone treat this as the whole different issue it is and take it on? Please?

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