MUCC Committees

Past President Committee

James Campbell, Dan Delisle, Arthur H. Dittmar Jr., Bill Krepps, Don Meixner, O. Stewart Meyers, Russ Reister, Paul Rose, Robert J. Slingerland, Paul H. Wendler, William Whippen, Fran M. Yeager (all Past Presidents)

Convention Election Committee

Kaye Lega – Chair, Bill Krepps – Co-Chair, Anita Laich, Joseph Sattler, Joyce Krepps, Mary Furtaw

Nominations Committee

Bill Krepps – Chair, Bill Furtaw, Kris Matthew, Furmer Reed

Site, Convention Planning & Credentials Committee

Jane Finnerty – Chair, Fran Yeager – Vice (Credentials), Jody Matthew, Anita Laich, Carol Rose – Event Coordinator, Joyce Krepps

Sporting Clays for Kids Event Committee – Lt. Governor’s Shoot

Eric McDonough РChair (MUCC Executive Director), Allen Kasdorf РCo-Chair, Dawn D. Levy (President), Dale Statson, Elden Montross, Paul Farrell, Paul Earl (Statewide VP)

Budget & Finance Committee

Fran Yeager – Chair (Treasurer), Paul Farrell, Ron Burris, Kris Matthew, Bob Borchak – (Statewide VP), Paul Rose, Bill Krepps

Forward Planning Committee

Terry Armbruster, Jordan Burroughs, Ron Burris, Dan Eichinger, Jane Finnerty, Dennis Fox, Dennis Meier, Jack VanRhee, Fran Yeager, Erin McDonough (MUCC Executive Director)

Show Committee Committee

Jack Marko – Chair (Region VI VP), Elden Montross (Region IV), George Linquist (Region I VP), Jane Finnerty (Region II VP), Jack VanRhee (Region III VP)

Forestry Committee

Paul Earl – Chair (Statewide VP), George Lindquist (Region I VP), Ned Caveney, Bob Jacobson, Jim Chaskey, Jim Maturen, Pete Demos, George Cullers

Environment, Energy and Land Use Committee

Ron Burris – Chair, Debbie Hayes, Jane Finnerty, Marlin Bussey, John Witzke, Dale Straub

Cedar Lake Outdoor Center Facility Committee

Bob Borchak – Chair (Statewide VP), Bill Furtaw, Jerry Chie, Garry Moore, Paul Ferrall, Paul Rose

Parks & Recreation

Elden Monstross – Chair, John Vaarberg, Fred Tyszka, Furmer Reed, John Witzke, Pete Demos

Dog Trial Committee

Dave Carriveau – Chair, Barb Berta, Wayne Adams, Jim Cipponeri, Sue DeGraw, Ron Gulembo, Charles Langstaff, Wayne Warners

Hunter Education Committee

Furmer Reed РChair, Roberta Reed, Jim Delaney, Peggy Rudy (DNR), Norma Hayes-Walkley, Carl G. Walkley, Pete Demos, Ted LoPresto, Patricia Doherty, Emil Silarski, Bob Jenson

Fisheries Committee

Dave Borgeson – Chair, George Lindquist (Region I VP), Dennis Grinold, Cliff Waters, Marlin Bussey, Tom Hamilton, Artheur H. Dittmar Jr., Tim Stein, Bill Furtaw

Wildlife Committee

Rob Miller – Chair, Chris L. Kettler, Dave Borgeson, Bruce Levey, George Lindquist, Jim Maturen, Patricia Doherty, Pete Demos, Jim Wale, Paul Earl, Jim Chaskey, Cliff Waters

Bylaws & Resolution Committee

Jack VanRhee – Chair, Norma Hayes-Walkley – Vice Chair, Carl G. Walkley, Bruce Levy, Allen Kasdorf (Statewide VP), Fran Yeager, Konrad Konsitzke, Emil Silarski, Bill Krepps, Dave Wilson

Membership Committee

Kris Matthew – Chair, Jody Matthew – Secretary, Jane Finnerty, Elden Monstross, Fran Yeager, Paul Farrell, Allen Kasdorf, Bill Krepps, Art Dittmar Jr.

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Calendar of Affiliate Club Events

WM Tactical Match April 30, 2014

4th Annual MUCC District 1 Fundraiser May 1, 2014

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