Changes for Raffle and Millionaire Party Licenses on the Horizon

For clubs and organizations seeking raffle and millionaire party licenses from the State of Michigan, there will be a few changes on the horizon that MUCC is tracking and will be reporting to you.
With Senate Bill 1077 now signed into law as Public Act 189 of 2012, MUCC clubs may see some positive changes in how they go about obtaining a raffle license from the Bureau of Lottery’s Charitable Gaming Division.
The change allows clubs and organizations that are tax-exempt organizations under 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code to apply for and receive small and large raffle licenses on their own without the requirement to go through a statewide or national umbrella organization, like MUCC. The change would likely mean that clubs will not have to perform an annual “attestation examination” on the club’s financial records; however, the Bureau of Lottery will have authority to audit the club or organization to ensure proper bookkeeping and compliance with the law.
The requirements and process to get the raffle licenses are still being processed and MUCC will keep you informed once we have all of the details.
There may also be some slight changes for those clubs who seek Millionaire Party licenses. Executive Order 4 of 2012, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, transfers all powers and duties of regulating and licensing Millionaire Parties from the Bureau of Lottery to the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The move is intended to streamline and reduce duplication in regulating Millionaire Parties.
The change will require clubs seeking Millionaire Party licenses go through the Gaming Control Board, as opposed to the Charitable Gaming Division of the Bureau of Lottery as has been done in the past.
However, please note that this change-over is not complete, and during that time clubs should continue to obtain their Millionaire Party license from the Charitable Gaming Division. Clubs and MUCC will be notified of the change-over and any new procedures for Millionaire Parties once they are finalized.

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