Camo at the Capitol April 18!

In 2011, over 100 hunters, anglers and trappers attended the first Camo at the Capitol to tell their legislators they wanted to pass the Hunter Heritage Bill and the Volunteer Bill. The result? The bills passed and now there are more than 10,000 youth hunters in Michigan and volunteers are improving fish and wildlife habitat through programs like the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative and Michigan On-the-Ground.
Our voices can be powerful, but we have to use them to be effective. Join us at the second Camo at the Capitol lobby day and rally to let your legislators know that conserving our natural resources and protecting the rights to hunt, fish, trap and bear arms matter to you!
We’ll meet at 8:00, hold a rally on the Capitol steps from 9:30 to 10:30, attend a brunch with legislators, staff and other partners at 10:30, and meet with our legislators in the afternoon. Email your RSVP to with your district numbers so that we can set up a meeting with your legislators, or enter your information in this form.
Rally during the first Camo at the Capitol
Rally during the first Camo at the Capitol
At a recent Sportsman’s Town Hall, Representative Andrea LaFontaine, chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, told her constituents, “Something you can do is to continually contact your elected officials. Don’t just assume that because you are a supporter or a member of a club that we know it’s something you’re passionate about. Continue to contact us.”
Help us show the Michigan Legislature that our citizens want to protect the rights to hunt, fish, trap and bear arms and conserve our natural resources. Sign up for Camo at the Capitol!

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