Cabela's Outpost Grand Opening Today in Saginaw

When I was young and my family would drive out to Wyoming to visit my grandparents, stopping at the Cabela's in Nebraska was one of the highlights of the trip. I even stopped there to catch an hour of sleep in the parking lot on the way out to Laramie during spring break in college.  Back then, there were very few Cabela's stores across the country, but as of today Michigan has two of its own with a third on the way.
Today is the Grand Opening for the new Cabela's Outpost in Saginaw. The store carries the top-selling 20% of items sold at Cabela's stores like the one in Dundee, with kiosks where other Cabela's merchandise can be ordered for pick-up at the store with free shipping. Another full-size Cabela's will open in Grandville later this Spring, which will give Michigan as many Cabela's stores as any state.
There are a lot of great outdoor stores across the state of Michigan, but the addition of two new Cabela's is a telling reminder of the economic power of Michigan's outdoorsmen and women. Cabela's located in our state because we have hunters, anglers and trappers who buy outdoor goods, and we buy those goods so that we can have successful outdoor recreation experiences.
These goods are only part of the equation, though. The other part is for the game we hunt and trap and the fish we try to catch to have quality habitat in places that we can access. To that end, our new Michigan On-the-Ground program - a public-private partnership with the DNR's Wildlife and Fisheries Divisions - will get off the ground at the Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area on March 10. We'll be creating "rabbitat," by building brush piles, giving cottontail rabbits and other small game the cover they need to thrive and provide quality small game hunting at this public game area.
The new Cabela's is on Tittabawassee Road in Saginaw, which is not too far north of the Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area. If you stop by to check out the new store, consider getting a small game license if you don't already have one and join us on March 10.

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