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Bottle Drive

2016 MUCC Bottle Drive

After months of grassroots campaigning by MUCC volunteers and petition canvassers, the Michigan Bottle Bill landed a spot on the November 1976 ballot.  On November 2, 1976, Michigan voters decided it was time to reduce roadside litter and make certain beverage containers returnable by voting in favor of the Bottle Bill.

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Michigan Bottle Bill, MUCC is conducting its first virtual bottle drive!  Our goal is to “collect” 40,000 returnable bottles and cans in 2016.  Will you help us?

The 2016 Michigan Bottle Bill Bottle Drive will run from beginning on July 15 and will end on October 29, 2016—the day of Michigan State vs. Michigan Football Game.  We all like a little friendly competition, so we will be tracking the number of bottles and cans donated by Michigan State fans vs. Michigan fans.

How does the virtual bottle drive work?  Because this bottle drive is virtual, people from across the state of Michigan can participate by donating in two different ways:

  1. Donate your bottles and cans! Drop off your returnable bottles and cans to MUCC Headquarters at 2101 Wood St., Lansing, Michigan 48912.  Your bottles and cans will be returned for refunds by MUCC staff members.  

  2. Donate your bottle and can returned deposit! Return your bottles and cans at your local store that provides refunds for returned cans and bottles.  Mail your tax-deductible donation for refunds you received from your bottle returns via check to MUCC at P.O. Box 30235, Lansing, Michigan 48909 or make a donation online at and select one of the links below:




You can track the number of bottles and cans MUCC has collected in 2016 by visiting

What are you waiting for?  Donating your bottles and cans is an easy way to support the conservation of Michigan’s natural resources!  May the best team win…