Bob's Gun and Tackle Shop Named MUCC Outstanding Conservationist

Michigan United Conservation Clubs is proud to announce that Bob's Gun and Tackle Shop of Hastings has earned MUCC's 2012 Outstanding Conservationist Award.
MUCC’s Outstanding Conservationist Award to Bob’s Gun and Tackle Shop in Hastings is as much about loyalty as it is about anything else.  Bob’s Gun and Tackle Shop started small – very small – back in 1962 when Bob and Wilma Hayes set up a modest shop in a 9' x 12' building behind their home.  Their starting inventory didn’t begin to fill this little shed, but they slowly began to build a customer base and within a few years moved to their current site on M-43 in Hastings.  According to Bob and Wilma’s son, Steve, integrity has always meant everything to his family. Superior customer service has been their mission for the duration of their now 50 years of operation and their satisfied customers keep coming back.
One of the seminal decisions Bob and Wilma made back in the late 1970's was to purchase advertising in Michigan-Out-Of-Doors magazine.  Banking on the wide reach the magazine had throughout the state, they made an investment in Page 1 with their first ad and have continued to do so with every issue ever since.  That’s loyalty.
Bob’s Gun & Tackle Shop has also shown their loyalty and support to their customers and the various conservation organizations their customers belong to.  National Wild Turkey Federation, Pheasants Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society and countless other state and local organizations have benefitted from the shop’s donations of merchandise, discounts, and space in their facility.  They host numerous shooting events and have an annual Open House every year that brings many hundreds of people together to celebrate hunting, fishing, trapping and other outdoor endeavors.  Bob’s Gun & Tackle Shop gives back to the community that has been so loyal to them for all these years and shows no sign of letting up.
According to Steve Hayes, three of Bob and Wilma’s four children now work in the shop.  Although Wilma passed away ten years ago, Bob still comes into the shop from time to time.   We are pleased to be able to honor what Bob and Wilma started and sustained for 50 years with MUCC’s Outstanding Conservationist Award.

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