Bear License Quotas for 2014

Michigan DNR Proposes Few Changes in Bear Quotas for 2014Black Bear Aversion Conditioning

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has recommended that the regulations and license quotas set in 2012 should remain in effect for two years. However because they are switching the bear regulation cycle updates to occur in odd numbered years, we have an extended cycle this year which is concerning for some bear hunting groups and MUCC.
Bear revisions are not formally up for review until 2015, but the department recommends adjusting license quotas for the Red Oak Bear Management Unit (BMU) in order to be consistent with the gradual step down of licenses discussed in 2012. MUCC and other groups have asked the DNR to consider using updated hunter success rates to recalculate the proposed quotas.
Northern Lower Peninsula 2014 Recommendations:
  • 675 licenses would be issued in the Red Oak BMU, a decrease of 75 from the 2013 totals. The department expects economic impact would be minimal
  • 70 license for the Baldwin BMU (No Change in license quotas)
  • 110 Licenses for the Gladwin BMU (No Change in license quotas)
However, according to the 2007 Consent Decree, if the tribes are able to harvest 10% of the total desired harvest of a BMU then they shall receive a 12.5% allocation for future years in that BMU. In 2013, the tribes met the threshold in Baldwin and in accordance with the Consent Decree will be based on that 12.5% allocation from now on. All other BMUS will remain at 10%, target harvest numbers have been adjusted to account for this.
Upper Peninsula 2014 Recommendations:
The Department recommends retaining licenses at 2012 levels for the entire U.P. for 2014. Trend goals seem to be on target and the department believes that a slight reduction in licenses is unlikely to impact the bear populations. License quotas, desired harvest, and goals will be re-evaluated in 2015.
Proposed License Quotas for the U.P. are as follows: (Total of 6,976 for the UP) (No Change)
  • Amasa: 505 total
  • Baraga: 1,620 total
  • Bergland: 1,265 total
  • Carney: 815
  • Drummond: 1
  • Gwinn: 1,250
  • Newberry: 1,520
This would total 7,381 licenses state-wide. The DNR also recommends updating the sections of the Wildlife Conservation Order on taking, baiting, sealing, and registering bear in order to more clearly articulate permissible and prohibited methods.
The NRC will amend or approve this order at their April 10, 2014 meeting in Lansing.

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