Au Sable Trout Fishing Report

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On July 23, 2014 Gates Au Sable Lodge in Grayling, MI put out a trout fishing report for this summer.  The Au Sable river is a destination spot for fly-fishermen/women alike.
"The summer is a time for new anglers to become better at what they do. The trout, while usually smaller during the day, are willing risers and offer positive reinforcement. Cast, mend, follow with the rod, and...
The morning olives are as good as they get, hatching throughout these cooler days and returning to the water just after dinner. They are mingling with the hatches and often simultaneous spinnerfalls of the Fly-Formerly-Known-As-Psuedocleon, always known as the green curse, and otherwise known as a #24-#28 blue wing olive. They are being joined by tricos on all three branches of river, light cahills, plenty of Isonychia, some yellow sallies, a few backwater caddis (the likely explanation for any cartwheeling small fish near the bank), and the hebe (a light colored mayfly that hatches out of the puckerbrush).
Night fishers were enjoying the heat and dark nights, but even the cooler nights can be good just after dark. Gurglers, Houghton Lake Specials, and a variety of mouse and frog imitations have been moving fish. The key to night fishing isn't the fly, I don't think. It's careful casting and even more careful wading and faith that every cast matters, is important, and could get eaten. There appear to be a lot of big fish in the system this year, with several reported near, at or beyond the two-foot mark these last two weeks."
"2014 is and will be a special summer. And one only has to remember 2012 to remember just how difficult the "second season" can be, with high temperatures, low water, and nervous trout. This summer has been precisely the opposite. Wake up and fish dawn streamers. Grab a coffee and hit the morning rise. Take a wade and twitch flies along the banks. Spend some time by the water for sunset and the evening spinner fall. Or hit the water just after dark for a night of mousing. Sleep is for the winter."
For more information and the full article along with announcements from Gates Au Sable Lodge follow the link below:

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