Attention: Anglers, Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts: The Clean Water Act Clarifications Benefit You!

EPA Photo:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the new clarified rule to the Clean Water Act (CWA) will unambiguously protect the once so-called “Isolated waters”. This means less confusion and more satisfaction from Anglers, Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts alike.
For the Anglers out there your favorite fishing stream will continue to be protected and the fish habitat will remain as it always is.  Your favorite lakes, rivers, streams and ponds are covered; so grab some bait, your best rod and fish on! For the Hunters out there the CWA protects wetlands/ponds that are home to waterfowl. Even the Riparian zone that is the transition zone between wetlands and uplands, which is host to some small game habitat.
The CWA helps to protect the natural habitat of wildlife in and adjacent to rivers.  Grab some ammunition, your best rifle and head on out to your favorite spot. For the Outdoor Enthusiasts the CWA protects your pristine experience of the Michigan Out of Doors. Whether you are boating, kayaking or floating in an inner tube down your favorite river you will lie your head back, take a gander at the nature around and rest assure that this river, it’s tributaries and the adjacent wetlands are covered by the CWA.
For ways to help keep the CWA clarification the way it is please submit your comment to the EPA HERE For more articles on the Clean Water Act and the EPA's involvement there are more related posts on MUCC's blog page.

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