Asian Carp Summit - view Live Stream recording!

The MUCC co-sponsored Asian Carp Summit held on Tuesday, September 13th has come and gone. Those that were able to attend were treated to up-to-date progress and information on Asian carp, where they are, and what is being done to stop them from a wide range of state and federal experts.
For those that did not attend?
Due to the wonders of technology, not only was MUCC able to stream the summit live over the internet, we are able to bring you a recording of the presentations to view at home at your leisure.
Click below to view the 2011 Asian Carp Summit:
Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
(NOTE: this is a recording of a live stream and the first 37 minutes of “Segment 1” is recorded without presenters. Be sure to skip this dead time, unless you enjoy watching an empty podium for a half hour.)
The list of distinguished speakers includes:
  • Dr. Bill Taylor, MSU Distinguished Professor of Global Fisheries Systems in the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability
  • Gary O’Keefe, Program Manager GLMIRS Study, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
  • Dave Knight, Invasive Species Specialist, Great Lakes Commission
  • Kevin Maher, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, AH&LA
  • Attorney General Bill Schuette
  • Assistant Attorney General Peter Manning
  • David Lorenz, Travel Michigan
  • Director Patty Birkholz, Michigan Office of the Great Lakes
  • Director John Goss, Asian Carp, U.S. Council on Environmental Quality
  • Brett Marr, Legislative Consultant, Muchmore, Harrington, Smalley & Associates
  • Tim Skubick, Senior Capitol Correspondent & Host of “Off the Record”
Once you have finished, the fun does not stop there!
In order to truly make the 2011 Asian Carp Summit a success, we must turn the knowledge and information we gained into action! Even though you did not attend the summit, you can still do what the attendees did by calling or writing your Representative.
Ask your Representative to:
  • Vote YES on Senate Concurrent Resolution 18, a resolution asking Congress to take immediate action to close the O'Brien Lock and Dam in the Chicago Waterway System to prevent Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes watershed.
  • Use their leverage as an elected official to ask our Michigan Senate and Congressional delegation to take action NOW to close the Chicago locks and dam, and push for the permanent hydrological separation of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins.
After all, the future of Michigan outdoors and tourism could depend on it.
Interested in what you can do to take further action to stop Asian carp? Contact MUCC Legislative Affairs Manager Kent Wood at 517-346-6462, or

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