Asian Carp Advocacy a Hot Topic at Convention

MUCC’s 75th Annual Convention was a time to celebrate, but it was also a time to advocate.
At the 75th anniversary party and convention, members and delegates took action on Asian Carp by signing hundreds of individual petition cards urging both candidates for President of the United States - Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama - to make the prevention of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes a key component of their campaigns and a priority of their administration once assuming office.
The petition went on to highlight to both candidates the dire threat Asian Carp pose to the Great Lakes both ecologically and economically, and asks them to pledge that they will not put off this dire problem and to make it a priority in their administration.
The petitions will now be sent to each respective candidate for President’s campaign urging them to pledge to protect and restore the Great Lakes by making it a priority.
In other news on the Asian Carp front, did you hear about the man caught selling a live Asian Carp in Michigan?
If you’re waiting for a punch line, you can stop waiting now. There is no punch line. It really happened.
Apparently the same thing happened in Ontario recently, near the Blue Water Bridge, which is a gateway to Michigan and our inland waters.
This is proof positive that our advocacy on Asian Carp must continue full steam ahead. Be sure to contact those running for public office in your area to make sure stopping the advancement of Asian Carp is a top priority.

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