ACTION NEEDED: Contact Your Senator To Vote YES on Wolf Bill

Senate Bill 1350 could be up for a vote this week in the Michigan Senate!  This bill would designate the wolf as a game animal in Michigan and also authorize the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) to create the parameters for a hunting and/or trapping season.
Anti-hunting organizations, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other animal rights groups, have been active in their opposition to sound wildlife management, which includes regulated hunting and trapping. Their rhetoric is misleading some legislators to believe that the wolf is not recovered and will become extinct if this bill passes. Nothing could be further from the truth; through Proposal G of 1996, we have entrusted wildlife biologists and the bipartisan NRC to use sound science when prescribing wildlife management techniques, using hunting and trapping as a management tool for many  of our state’s most treasured wildlife species.
You can help make sure HSUS and the anti-hunting rhetoric does not prevail and support sound scientific management of the wolf by calling or emailing your State Senator today and asking them to vote “YES” on SB 1350.
The recovery of the wolf is a conservation success story. Now that the population has fully recovered and been removed from the federal and state Endangered Species List, the State of Michigan should be allowed to manage the population, particularly to reduce human conflict and its impacts on other domestic and wild animals.
The future of wolf management may depend on our action, so please help protect and defend scientific wildlife management today by contacting your State Senator!
Vote YES on SB 1350.
Find Your Senator Here!

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