Our Members

MUCC is made up of several member types including Individual, Club Affiliates and Life Members.

It is through our broad and diverse membership that MUCC is able to achieve results. As the nation’s largest, and longest-running, state-specific conservation organization MUCC is able to achieve results that other groups simply can’t achieve. That’s not a boastful statement but rather a statement aimed to show the power of unity.

By focusing specifically on conservation and outdoor heritage issues in the state of Michigan, MUCC is able to bring a wealth of experience and history to the table of virtually any discussion relating to Michigan’s outdoors. And it is because of our members and their willingness to stand side by side in our efforts to ensure sound, science-based wildlife management decisions are made, that our rights to hunt, fish and trap are protected that MUCC is able to wield the type of power that it does. Without our members, there is no MUCC. Without an MUCC, Michigan’s great outdoors would be a very different place.

MUCC membership certainly has its privileges. For starters, MUCC members receive a one-year subscription to Michigan’s most respected and longest-running outdoors publication — Michigan OutofDoors Magazine. If you haven’t seen Michigan OutofDoors Magazine in awhile, it deserves a second look. WIth content that focuses on hunting, fishing and trapping — and all of the issues related to those activities today — Michigan OutofDoors Magazine is the standard by which other outdoors publications should be measured. Michigan OutofDoors Magazine is produced in both print and digital versions and there are even more technological advancements on the horizon.

Members also have the ability to receive MUCC’s bi-weekly Conservation Insider e-newsletter. The Insider is your digital link to what’s happening in the world of outdoors legislation, policy and resource-based issues. Each issue of the Insider contains the most up-to-date information available on legislation, DNRE and NRC news and other conservation topics.

Most importantly, it is the MUCC membership that determines the policy priorities and positions for the organization through our policy-setting process. MUCC policy is established by voting delegates at our Annnual Convention each year. Issues ranging from trout limits to deer management to invasive species are debated and voted on at the Convention. The results of those votes become MUCC’s policy and directs staff in advocacy and lobbying efforts.

Yes, membership in MUCC is more than just a subscription to a great publication. It is a commitment to conservation and the future of the outdoors here in Michigan.

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Calendar of Affiliate Club Events

WM Tactical Match April 30, 2014

4th Annual MUCC District 1 Fundraiser May 1, 2014

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