2014 Waterfowl Season Changes: What Do You Think?

Blackduck 2The Citizen’s Waterfowl Advisory Committee (CWAC) is a group that works with the DNR to advise and suggest changes to waterfowl seasons and management. Their next meeting will be August 9th, and MUCC's CWAC representative has asked MUCC to gather input from our members to gauge opinion and receive recommendations from sportsmen and women on several waterfowl issues. Revolving mostly around this upcoming duck season, three issues will be discussed:
  1.  An early teal season starting on September 1st and ending September 7th. The daily bag limit would be six and a possession limit of 18. Starting time would be at sunrise and not a half hour before. A concern to be considered is the misidentification of a teal and extra monitoring and evaluation of "non-target harvest" will be done for this pilot season. More information from the DNR's memorandum is available here.
  2. Potential for increase of one hen mallard to two for daily limit. DNR Wildlife Division has recommended increasing the allowable hen mallard take at the most recent NRC meeting. According to new research, an increase would theoretically not impact sustainable mallard numbers. If adopted the DNR would still maintain monitoring to analyze population and survival of mallards. Further information from the DNR's memorandum is available here.
  3. Splits and end season dates for regular duck season (based on last seasons dates, and adjusted for the same days of the week).
    1. North Zone- September 27th  - November 9th & November 22nd- November 30th
    2. Middle Zone- October 4th- November 30th & December 13th-14th
    3. South Zone- October 11th- December 7th & December 27th-28th
After considering the information at hand and through the links provided, MUCC would appreciate your contribution to the discussion. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment box below or e-mail MUCC Resource Policy Manager, Amy Trotter at atrotter@mucc.org

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